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Disinformation: Research Progress and Prospects
Wang Haixia
[Purpose/significance] Disinformation is a type of false information that information makers or dissemina? tors intentionally spread based on political or economic motives with the purpose of deception and misleading. A great deal of theoretical research has been made on disinformation abroad. Sorting out the research progress of disinformation and tracking the international academic trends is helpful for domestic research community to master the academic dis? course power and can provide reference for understanding the complex and changeable information security situation. [Method/process] Through systematic literature review and network survey,we found that disinformation is the result of enemy intelligence practice in the cold war. Then it goes into the academic horizon gradually, and integrated with multidisciplinary research methods and theories. In recent years, affected by the 2016 US election crisis and the COV? ID19 epidemic, disinformation has been widely discussed in the social media environment. [Result/conclusion] By summarizing the research progress, it can be asserted that the research of disinformation will become a hot topic and trend of future research.

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