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Information and Documentation Services  2018, Vol. 39 Issue (6): 74-80    DOI:
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Academic Publishing Service of University Libraries in China: Taking the Academic Publishing Innovation Practice of Kansas State University Library as an Example
Guo Xiaohong
(Nankai University Library,Tianjin,300071)
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Abstract  Using the literature review method and network survey method, this paper surveys the innovative academic publishing services of American Kansas State University Library. This paper analyzes and summarizes the contents from the aspects of publishing idea, publishing mode, business plan, organization structure reorganization, librarian’s knowledge and skill and library publishing coalition. Research shows:(1)in multiple development prospects, the role of academic library begins to relocate;(2)speeding up the pace of academic library publishing practice;(3)seeking for the basis of promoting academic libraries publishing service;(4)the formulation and amendment of strategic planning and the stable and diversified financial support is the safeguard of academic publishing service sustainable development;(5) total process quality control from platform construction, research delivery to deliverables publication and long-term preservation;(6) Timely adjustment of organizational structure and working style.
Key words:  academic library      scholarly publishing service      Kansas State University(KSU)Library      New Prairie Press (NPP)     
Published:  13 November 2018
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Guo Xiaohong. Academic Publishing Service of University Libraries in China: Taking the Academic Publishing Innovation Practice of Kansas State University Library as an Example. Information and Documentation Services, 2018, 39(6): 74-80.

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